About B&B

Okay, this is bits n bytes… just a small space to share some thoughts on technologies, learning and education, digital divide, etc.

I have worked in a wide range of roles including five years in the elearning area in the university sector: provided training/advice to lecturers in the use of LMS (for face-to-face and online units) and Web 2.0 tools like blogging, podcasting and social bookmarking. I have just moved out from this elearning role and moved back to a role in computing – IT systems administration within the university. Currently I am working on deploying Sharepoint as a collaboration tool. I also work on the web and am fascinated with open source software like Moodle, Joomla and Drupal.

Previously I worked in the consumer and environmental movement and there was where I learnt a lot about networking and communication, utilising technologies and the importance of having access to quality information. I also have experience in project management and publishing.

One of the fundamental question that intrigues me is “How people learn?” Although I have some basic exposure to Piaget and Paolo Freire in my undergraduate years, I think there is much to explore about “learning” as there are many perspectives and approaches. Additional areas of interest are mobile learning and gaming for learning.

I enjoy photography  and botanical illustration, and appreciate good design: graphic design, book design, web design, and typography.



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